Hello everyone,

So yes we are now back safe and well in Dushanbe. To summarise, we believe we climbed a new route topping out at ca. 5700m altitude, starting from the glacial cirque to the SE of Pik Frunze which is completely unexplored so far as we can tell. The route tops out on a ridge line rather than a distinct summit so we are unsure whether or not we should claim to have made the first ascent of an unclimbed peak. It was all a bit epic but very scenic and by far the biggest and best route I have ever climbed in the greater ranges!

We did not attempt either of the unclimbed 6,000m peaks because it was only after finishing this route that we felt suitably acclimatized for 6,000m and by then there was no time left… But not to worry, the route we did is good enough for me!

Will post again with photos (we have some good ones!) in a few days. Thanks for following us!