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While you have been reading about previous trips, the state of Tajikistan and our shiny new attire, you may have been wondering “Just who are these people?” and “Why would they want to go all that way when there isn’t even wifi or a Starbucks to reward them?”.

Well the truth is that John lives (for the time being) in Hull, and Jonathan lives in semi-rural West Yorkshire. Neither are too bad, but both fill you with the desire to get out there and see snowier, pointier, and generally more exciting parts of the world.

Mountaineering in West Yorkshire is not on quite the same scale.

Mountaineering in West Yorkshire is not on quite the same scale.

For most of the time walking, running and climbing in Snowdonia, The English Lakes or the Cairngorms will suffice, but success on these modest peaks only leads to ambition for higher targets!

There aren’t many places left which are genuinely unexplored, but the greater ranges of south and central Asia are one of them. Of course, there are people who live there all year round, so to actually explore and tread new ground you must go of the beaten track and search hard for those places so far untrodden by man.

The Muzkol Pamir lie 30 miles north west of Murghab, the only settlement of any size in the mountainous east of the country. These peaks have been visited in the past by several Russian expeditions, and in the late ’90s by half a dozen EWP trips. These climbed many virgin summits, but left a few still to be claimed…